Secret code: how to use pizza to raise the server and the sysadmin's mood

If someone had asked me what the best food for IT people is, I would have answered without hesitation — pizza. Believe me, I know all about it. I have been working as a sysadmin for a dozen years and have raised so much "hardware" that if I were in a rocking chair, my photo would have been hanging on the stand for a long time of honor.Tradition VS InnovationWhen I was a young padawan of tech support, the menu at the workplace consisted mainly of instant purees with different flavorings. Things weren't much better at home — I seriously considered myself the pinnacle of culinary prowess pizza according to Bashorg's recipe: a pancake of sticky dumplings, richly flavored with sausages and mayonnaise. Fortunately, over the years, food preferences have become more refined. They added the knowledge and experience that allowed them to step up the career ladder to the sysadmin level, and then DevOps. There are plenty of places near our business center for every taste, so you can spend your lunch break with a traditional business lunch, pasta, sushi or with a burger in your hands. However, I still prefer pizza. Only now the real one.● First of all, it's delicious. Golden crust, stringy cheese, savory sauce, mouth-melting filling — every bite of pizza promises the perfect combination of textures and flavors. After trying a lot of options, I decided on the Papa John's pizza-this is the most successful combination of crispy dough and juicy filling that I have ever encountered. The ingredients complement, rather than interrupt, each other. Cheese melts perfectly over high heat, creating a golden crust. Fresh mozzarella in the form of balls floating in brine is quite expensive not only in Russia. So it came to be that the order was made.● Pizza never fails. Not all issues can be resolved remotely, and visiting clients is a common practice. In an ideal world, everything is in place in the" guest " office, the keys to the server room are not lost, and the reason for the call is solved by a banal reboot of the equipment. more often than not, the stars aren't on my side. A dozen small quests are added to the main task, and as a result, one trip takes almost the entire day. Work is work, but lunch is on schedule. Papa John's has an extensive network of branches and a well-established delivery system — without changing my habits, I can order pizza anywhere a point.● Pizza unites. My main task is to make sure that all the equipment and software work smoothly. This is the only way for all team members to complete their tasks and close the project on time. The closer to the final, the more the probability of staying up until night